Greece: We Voted No to slavery, but Yes to our chains




The imposition of the euro had one true goal – to end the European welfare state

Not surprisingly, by nearly two to one, Greeks have overwhelmingly rejected the cruel, economically bonkers “austerity” programme required by the European Central Bank in return for an ECB loan to pay Greece’s creditors.

In doing so, the Greek people overcame an unprecedented campaign of fear from the Greek and international media, the European Union (EU), and most of our political parties.

What’s simply wacko is that, while voting No to austerity, many Greeks wish to remain shackled to the euro, the very cause of our miseries.

Before we explain how the euro is the cause of this horror show, let’s clear up one thing right away. All week, worldwide media was filled with news of the Greek “crisis.” Yes, the economy stinks, with one in four Greeks unemployed. But two other euro nations, Spain and Cyprus, also are suffering this depression level of unemployment. Indeed, more than 11 per cent of workers in seven euro nations, including Portugal and Italy, are out of work.

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