How about this for making a complete mess of things?


EU Observer reports that 53% of Dutch citizens want an EU membership referendum similar to the British vote, according to a poll by De Hond. 44% percent would vote to stay in the EU, with 43% percent voting to leave and 13% percent undecided. Commenting on the finding, Spectre editor and Dutch Socialist Party English-language translator Steve McGiffen says that “when I first started to work with the SP around twenty years ago during the campaign against the single currency. They warned me that I would be unable to find anyone in their small, trade-dependent country who was in favour of withdrawal from the European Union, except for the extreme right and the extreme left, neither of which could at that time pick up any electoral support. I should concentrate on criticising this European Union, its neoliberal policies and dictatorial tendencies. Spending quite a bit of time talking politics in the Netherlands after that confirmed what they said. So I’m happy to see that the reality of the eU has since then opened the eyes of so many Dutch people to what this EU is all about. From the europhiles own point of view, of course, they have made a series of total cockups. Still, having pretty well abolished democracy, they perhaps don’t need to worry, or think they don’t.”