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Dutch arms export report now available in English


Each year the Campagne tegen Wapenhandel (Campaign Against the Arms Trade – Netherlands) publishes a critical report on Dutch arms export figures and policy.

Stop the threat to Internet freedom!


Spectrezine has received this communication from US-based Avaaz, which is campaigning to keep the Internet free of corporate control, a campaign which we fully support.

Austerity Treaty: no democracy without referendums


The only way the public is likely to be consulted on the changes to the European Union that are being made in response to the euro crisis, is if citizens force governments to hold referendums. This urgent battle for democracy must be won.

The EU’s techno party is hollowing out democracy


BRUSSELS - Not everybody's into techno music. Some folks are a little bit country; others a little bit rock and roll.

Antidote to bullshit poisoning: ‘Real-World Economics’


On-line discussion reveals and debates the truth about what’s being done to us.

Swedish Left Party to monitor trials of Kurdish activists

The so-called KCK-trials, where roughly 1500 politically active individuals are being tried on charges of separatism, resume in Turkey on December 6.

Russia votes for powerless parliament

Spectrezine’s old friend Senator Tiny Kox of the Dutch Socialist Party will head the Council of Europe’s team of election observers overseeing Russia’s parliamentary elections next Sunday, 4th Dece


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