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Statewatch slams EU legislative procedures

“…the legislative process in any democratic State compares favourably to that of the EU as far as openness and transparency is concerned.”

The EU is becoming complicit in racism and fascism in Greece

Andrej Hunko, a member of Die Linke (The Left Party) parliamentary group in the Bundestag (Federal Parliament) and of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe spoke out against the EU’s

Portugal: Left Bloc debates call for a left government


November 18, 2012 -- A spectre is haunting Portugal ― the spectre of Greece and of Syriza, its radical left party.

Poland: The Rebirth of Radical Nationalism: Welcome back to the 30s


Warsaw - The past days following the Nationalist riots of November 11, 2012 have been a time of solemn reflection for those of us in Poland and our friends watching around the world.

How Europe courted Israel's arms industry on eve of Gaza attack

Haneen was 10-months-old; Omar 11 months; Ibrahim one year. For the offence of being reared in Gaza, these infants were killed with the aid of Israel's "precision-guided" missiles.

Ukraine’s dodgy election

Czech Elections: "No" to Austerity and"Yes" to Strengthening the Left


On 12--13 October 2012, elections took place in the Czech Republic. The
elections were for regional assemblies and one-third of the Senate. Their

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