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Mass protests topple Bulgarian government

From the beginning of February, Bulgarians in most big cities have been out in the streets, protesting against increased electricity and heating bills.

France launches war in Mali to secure resources, stamp out national rights struggles


France, the former slave power of west Africa, has poured into Mali with a vengeance in a military attack launched on January 11.

The Rise and Fall of the Welfare State

Norwegian labour movement advisor Asbjørn Wahl presents his latest book.

Smoke still hasn’t cleared after tobacco lobbying scandal


Spectre’s friends at Corporate Europe Observatory are asking people to “Act now and demand that European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso introduce stronger transparency and ethics rules ar

On the Greek Cauldron


On December 7 the London branch of Greek left party SYRIZA hosted a public meeting on "Shock therapy and popular uprising: Greece at the Crossroads".

Statewatch slams EU legislative procedures

“…the legislative process in any democratic State compares favourably to that of the EU as far as openness and transparency is concerned.”

The EU is becoming complicit in racism and fascism in Greece

Andrej Hunko, a member of Die Linke (The Left Party) parliamentary group in the Bundestag (Federal Parliament) and of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe spoke out against the EU’s

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