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Antidote to bullshit poisoning: ‘Real-World Economics’


On-line discussion reveals and debates the truth about what’s being done to us.

Swedish Left Party to monitor trials of Kurdish activists

The so-called KCK-trials, where roughly 1500 politically active individuals are being tried on charges of separatism, resume in Turkey on December 6.

Russia votes for powerless parliament

Spectrezine’s old friend Senator Tiny Kox of the Dutch Socialist Party will head the Council of Europe’s team of election observers overseeing Russia’s parliamentary elections next Sunday, 4th Dece


Weisbrot: G20 Continues With Failed Policies in Europe


Risk of Increased Financial Contagion to Rest of the World

The EU Crisis Pocket Guide


A useful pocket guide on how a crisis made in Wall Street was made worse by EU policies, how it has enriched the 1% to the detriment of the 99%, and outlining some possible solutions that prioritis

Left MEPs condemn European Summit agreement as ‘just more of the same’


The outcome of the European summit on rescuing the Euro cannot be called historic, according to Left Members of the European Parliament. On the contrary, it’s simply more of the same.

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