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European Railway workers march in Paris

make trouble, not war

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The Madness of EU Finance
19/11/08 | By Steve McGiffen more »

European Parliament joins stampede away from democracy

22/07/08 | by Steve McGiffen

more »

The Treaty that won't lie down

19/06/08 | by Steve McGiffen more »

The End of Democracy

30/04/08 | by Steve McGiffen more »

Water Thieves

02/04/08 | by Steve McGiffen more »

GMOs the New Asbestos?

11/03/08 | by Steve McGiffen

Snouts in the trough... but not yet

05/02/08 | by Steve McGiffen more »

Is the EU becoming a 'police superstate'?

28/11/07 | by Steve McGiffen more »

Stop this cruel trade

03/10/07 | by Steve McGiffen more »

Democracy in Danger

03/09/07 | by Steve McGiffen more »

"The last fight let us face" 26/06/07 | by Steve McGiffen Maastricht's outlawing of socialism is about to be confirmed more »

Victory in Brussels: Public Transport Can Stay in Public Hands 30/05/07 | by Steve McGiffen more »

Why the EU's policies on climate change will fail 24/04/07 | by Steve McGiffen more »

The Latest Power Grab 28/02/07 | by Steve McGiffen how concern for the environment is being used to undermine democracy more »

Workers' rights out of date? 13/02/07 | by Steve McGiffen more »

Socialism for the 21st Century 03/01/07 | by Steve McGiffen The success of the Dutch Socialist Party more »

Japan questions its constitutional commitment to peace 19/12/06 | by Steve McGiffen An examination of disturbing developments among Japan's political rulers more »

Bolkestein's Monster 07/11/06 | by Steve McGiffen The Bolkestein directive, threatening to throw essential services in every European Union member state to the wolves of the market, has been sent back to the European Parliament for re-examination more »

A GM-Free Europe 26/10/06 | by Steve McGiffen Putting forward the case for keeping Europe GM food-free more »

Rescuing Public Transport from the Market 27/06/06 | By Steve McGiffen

The argument for local and regional control of public transport more »

Counting the Cost of European Enlargement 12/06/06 | By Steve McGiffen Poland and its neighbours are beginning to suffer critical labour shortages as a result of the outflow of mostly young, educated and often skilled workers to unskilled but better-paid jobs in Britain and western Europe more »

French Workers and Students

Show the Way

25/04/06 | By Steve McGiffen

Victory is sweet indeed, and it is also possible. Here in France it has just been achieved. more »

Or Does it Explode?

21/11/05 | by Steve McGiffen

Most of the media is blind to the real reasons for social tension in France - and there is more to come, says Steve McGiffen more »

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Biotechnology: Corporate Power Versus the Public Interest

Steve McGiffen offers a lucid analysis of the real implications of biotechnology legislation in the US and the EU, and contrasts it with approaches to agricultural and medical biotech in the rest of the world.

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The Socialist Party of the Netherlands is a radical party of the left which has grown to challenge the domination of Dutch politics by the neoliberal and Christian right and a Labour Party which has long since lost its purpose. Now, through the party's English-language news and opinion pages, you can read all about the activities of the SP, of its 25 MPs, 12 Senators, 2 Euro-MPs, hundreds of local councillors and over 50000 members, and see for yourself its dynamic and activist resistance to the neoliberalism of the EU and WTO, the militarism of NATO and the undermining of real democracy at home and abroad. Go to SPNL website

current issues

France: New anti-capitalist party 'a very exciting initiative'
06/01/09 | Interview with Jim Jepps more »

Plan for Legal 78 hr working week scuppered - for now
06/01/09 | By Kartika Liotard and Steve McGiffen

more »

The Gaza Ghetto and Western Cant 06/01/09 | By Tariq Ali more »

A brief history of the Western Saharan people's struggle for freedom
23/12/08 | By Margarita Windisch more »

Ireland: No to a second referendum 23/12/08 | By Anthony Coughlan more »

Tony Blair and war crimes trial

18/12/08 | By Chris Coverdale, Annie Machon, and Wayne Hall more »

Space and Europe's military policy

18/12/08 | By Frank Slijper more »

The Lisbon Treaty No Vote

09/12/08 | By Roger Cole more »

Poisoned Spring: EU promotes privatisation of water in developing countries 09/12/08 | By Steve McGiffen more »

France: Towards the foundation of a new anti-capitalist party
03/12/08 | By Pierre Rousset more »

International cooperation vital to defeat Lisbon

03/12/08 | By Hans heijningen more »

Somalia: Intervention or Complicity?
26/11/08 | By Jake Lynch more »

The livestock industry and climate - EU makes bad worse
19/11/08 | By Jens Holm and Toivo Jokkala more »

Congo: Western intervention behind bloodbath

19/11/08 | By Tony Iltis more »

Some thoughts on Obama
11/11/08 | by David Rovics more »

Book Review: Against Capitalism: The European Left on the March by William A. Pelz

11/11/08 | reviewed by Sobhanlal Datta Gupta more »

US foreign policy won't be transformed
11/11/08 | by Harry van Bommel more »

Nicolas Sarkozy and Sovereign Wealth Funds 03/11/08 | by Kavaljit Singh more »

Another Luxemburgism is Possible 03/11/08 | by William Pelz

more »

Criminalising free speech

28/10/08 | by Ben Hayes more »

Brussels keeps information under its hat 28/10/08 | by Kartika Liotard

more »

Europe's Railways

21/10/08 | by Erik Meijer MEP more »

Predictable Poverty: The Inevitable Legacy of a Neo-Liberal Europe

21/10/08 | by Susan George more »

Bad weather, bad politics and catastrophic economics

14/10/08 | by Kartika Liotard more »

Capitalism, poverty and Russification in the Ukraine 14/10/08 | by Stephen Velychenko

more »

Austria, Bavaria, Brandenburg go to the polls
07/10/08 | by Victor Grossman more »

NATO Quo Vadis?
07/10/08 | by Harry van Bommel and Karel Koster more »

US - EU relations. Noam Chomsky interviewed
30/09/08 | interviewed by Matic Primc more »

What Taoiseach Brian Cowen should now do on Lisbon 30/09/08 | by anthony Coughlan more »

Wave goodbye to democracy 23/09/08 | by Brian Denny more »

The 'Market' undermines the public interest 23/09/08 | by Agnes Kant more »

Crisis in Germany's Social Democratic Party 16/09/08 | by Victor Grossman

more »

Mediterranean Mirage: Europe's Sunken Politics

16/09/08 | by Fred Halliday more »

European Union rules meddle in the wrong places 09/09/08 | by Erik Meijer, MEP

more »

US military interests reign supreme in Italy

09/09/08 | by Stephanie Westbrook

more »

Tel Aviv to Tbilisi: Israel's role in the Russia-Georgia war

02/09/08 | by Ali Abunimah

more »

The European Defence Agency: Arms for War and Profit

02/09/08 | by Carol Fox

more »

Bolivian referendum: Impressions of a European Socialist

27/08/08 | by Ewout Irrgang and Riekje Camara

more »

Fallout from the Georgian war

27/08/08 | by Boris Kagarlitsky more »

The Great 2008 Olympics: The Russians stand up to the Empire

27/08/08 | by Matt Reichel more »

The European Union as a potential rival to

US dominance
16/08/08 | by Raymond Lotta

more »

Cold War Revived
16/08/08 | by Harry van Bommel

more »

The Turkish Crisis

13/08/08 | by Ertugrul Kürkçü

more »

A free world market for agricultural products is a utopian dream 13/08/08 | by Krista van Velzen and Eric Smaling

more »

African Despotism and European Double Standards
05/08/08 | by Oliver Schmidt more »

Latin America and Europe: The Future of EU-ACN Trade Negotiations

05/08/08 | by Guillermo Cornejo more »

EU's lifted sanctions could be turning point for Cuba

22/07/08 | by Amy Coonradt more »

Opposing this 'Europe' is not nationalistic

14/07/08 | byJan Marijnissen

Signing on in Brussels

08/07/08 | by Erik Meijer MEP more »

Israel has won the European Cup: a special relationship

08/07/08 | by By Arjan El Fassed

more »

How Europe underdevelops Africa

02/07/08 | by Patrick Bond and Richard Kamidza more »

Proliferation and the US -India Treaty

02/07/08 | by Karel Koster more »

Lisbon is Dead

23/06/08 | by Brian Denny more »

The problem with Europe

23/06/08 | by George Friedman more »

The Key to Peace
18/06/08 | by Jeremy Corbyn more »

Lisbon Treaty
03/06/08 | by Laurent Dauré & Dominique Guillemin more »

The Left in Italy

27/05/08 | by Paolo Gerbaudo more »

the practical internationalism of the Dutch Socialist Party

27/05/08 | by Ronald van Raak more »

Breaking the Chains
22/05/08 | by Nick Dearden more »

Europe and the Lisbon Treaty

22/05/08 | by Susan George more »

The Last War of

the 20th Century - Part Thirteen

14 /05/08 | by Jan Marijnissen and Karel Glastra van Loon more »

A Global Threat Multiplier

14 /05/08 | by Paul Rogers more »

The Last War of

the 20th Century - Part Twelve

07 /05/08 | by Jan Marijnissen and Karel Glastra van Loon more »

Globalisation and War

07 /05/08 | by Susan George more »

The Last War of

the 20th Century - Part Eleven

30 /04/08 | by Jan Marijnissen and Karel Glastra van Loon more »

Gene seeks farmer

22 /04/08 | by Kartika Liotard MEP more »

The Last War of

the 20th Century - Part Ten
22 /04/08 | by Jan Marijnissen and Karel Glastra van Loon more »

The Last War of

the 20th Century - Part nine

15 /04/08 | by Jan Marijnissen and Karel Glastra van Loon more »

EU-India Free Trade Talks: In Whose Interest?

15 /04/08 | by Christa Wichterich more »

The EU Empire

08 /04/08 | by Brian Denny more »

The Last War of the 20th Century - Part Eight

08 /04/08 | by Jan Marijnissen and Karel Glastra van Loon more »

The Last War of the 20th Century - Part Seven

02 /04/08 | by Jan Marijnissen and Karel Glastra van Loon more »

The Last War of the 20th Century - Part Six

25/03/08 | by Jan Marijnissen and Karel Glastra van Loon more »

Global security: too vital an issue to be left to NATO and the Right

25/03/08 | byTiny Kox more »

The Last War of the 20th Century - Part Five 18/03/08 | by Jan Marijnissen and Karel Glastra van Loon more »

Flexicurity, false promises, and the EU's renamed Constitution

18/03/08 | by Brian Denny more »

The Last War of the 20th Century - Part Four

11/03/08 | by Jan Marijnissen and Karel Glastra van Loon

Serbia faces low-intensity war again

01/03/08 by Marija Perkovic and Staa¡a Zajovic

The Last War of the 20th Century - Part Three

05/03/08 | by Jan Marijnissen and Karel Glastra van Loon more »

The Last War of the 20th Century - Part Two

27/02/08 | by Jan Marijnissen and Karel Glastra van Loon "Ethnic cleansing! Genocide! Hundreds of thousands dead!" includes an interview with Noam Chomsky. more »

The Last Division

27/02/08 | by John Wight more »

No to Corporate Europe - yes to Global Justice!

21/02/08 | by the Seattle to Brussels Network more »

The Last War of the 20th Century. part 1:1

21/02/08 | by Jan Marijnissen and Karel Glastra van Loon. A serialisation of a book by Jan Marijnissen and Karel Glastra van Loon, never before published in English, revealing the culpability of Germany and other European countries, as well as of the US and NATO, in the violent breakup of Yugoslavia. more »

Risks from GM Maize too great

14/02/08 | by Kartika Liotard more »

When the European Union fears the European Peoples

14/02/08 | by Francis Wurtz more »

Notes from the Borderland
14/02/08 | Reviewed by Brian Precious more »


Medicine for Vedanta

05/02/08 | by Kavaljit Singh more »

A proliferation of detainment camps for foreigners is what we can expect in Europe

31/01/08 | by Claire Rodier more »

European Collusion in Israel's slow genocide

31/01/08 | by Omar Barghouti more »

Privatising Rail in Europe

23/01/08 | by Alex Gordon more »

A Voice for a Different Europe

23/01/08 | Interview with Susan George more »

Iran, the United States and Europe: The Nuclear Complex 16/01/08 | by Jan De Pauw more »

Flexicurity is Insecurity

16/01/08 | by Brian Denny more »

Afghanistan is becoming the Netherlands' Vietnam

19/12/07 | by Harry van Bommel, Mariko Peters and Klaas E. Meijer more »

Growing political row over 'imposition of new EU chemicals boss

19/12/07 | by Andy Rowell more »

Brussels' assault on unfair dismissal laws

12/12/07 | by Kartika Liotard more »

Africans united in rejecting European arrogance

12/12/07| by Sukant Chandan more »

'The Lisbon Treaty as giving the EU a Federal State Constitution'

06/12/07 | by the Campaign Against Euro-Federalism more »

The 12 Myths of Annapolis

06/12/07 | by Phyllis Bennis more »

Pluralism bursts into the Western Hemisphere

28/11/07 | by Alex Sánchez more »

The 'Modified' treaty recycles the Constitution rejected in 2005

21/11/07 | by Rosa Moussaoui and Jean-Paul Piérot more »

A Dutch MP considers the consequences of mass emigration for Poland

21/11/07 | by Bart van Kent and Rob Janssen more »

The danger of a militarised EU - an Irish point of view

14/11/07 | by Roger Cole more »

"Tony Blair should be brought before the ICC in the Hague"

14/11/07 | by Kees van der pijl more »

Sunshine Laws to Track European Lobbyists

07/11/07 | by Pratap Chatterjee more »

Germany: no SPD left turn

07/11/07 | by Victor Grossman more »

Scottish National Party switch on Europe

31/10/07 | by John Foster more »

European Parliament: Secret trilogues and the democratic deficit

31/10/07 | by Tony Bunyan more »

Mercosur, CAN

and the EU: How will Venezuela manage foreign trade?

24/10/07 | by Alex Sánchez more »

The European Project: Dismantling Social Democracy, Globalising Neoliberalism

24/10/07 | by Andy Storey more »

Giving the EU a federal state constitution 17/10/07 | by Anthony Coughlan more »

Concerted attack on rights of dismissed workers must be defeated

17/10/07 | by René Roovers more »

The Taiwan of Europe 10/10/07 | by John Feffer more »

From 'Constitution' to 'reform' or from bad to worse

10/10/07 | by Susan George more »

No referendum for the Netherlands? 03/10/07 | by Erik Meijer MEP more »

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