Interview with KKE's Kostas Papadakis on Why KKE Does Not Support SYRIZA: "We Are Against the EU, NATO, and Chains of Capitalism


By Andrés Gil


Is Greece turning left with the expected victory of SYRIZA?

First, it is necessary to clarify that the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) should emerge stronger after the elections because, we believe, there will continue to be concrete facts against the interests of people.  The change of government will not change crucial aspects, such as the fact that the country will still be in the EU, the fact that the stability pact and the memorandum will not disappear, the fact that this agenda of the EU will remain the same.  All these reactionary measures will continue to exist.

The second factor is that the debt of the country will still be here.  We are fighting to exit the EU and to completely cancel the debt.  We want to exit the EU, but on the condition that the means of production are socialized.  Now people must defy all the power of the oligarchy.  The day after the elections, the oligarchy will still be here.

That is why we ask people to keep this in mind, for, after the elections, people will still be on the opposite side.  Since SYRIZA in the opposition obtained 27% of the votes, there has been a decline in social conflict.  We say that this applies to Spain, too, where the year of PODEMOS's emergence also saw a fall in mobilizations.  People think that voting alone can change the conditions of life, but we say it is important for people to convince themselves that there are neither saviours nor messiahs, that people must save themselves by their own struggles, by their own decisions, and by confronting the EU, NATO, and monopolies.

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