Ken Loach’s confused explanation for why he voted ‘Remain’


“It was a complicated debate for all on the left. The European Union is a neoliberal organisation. It promotes privatisation and the subcontracting of public services. The way it treated Greece to help private enterprises buy up its public services was class politics in favour of finance. But leaving the E.U. also gave the Conservative government a window to remove the minimum protections that exist for workers and the environment. Big investors meanwhile preferred staying in the E.U. to benefit from social dumping. To stay competitive and to make labour cheap, salaries are going to go down. Taxes will decrease and that will remove the means of financing health, education and social protections. Attacks against vulnerable people like Daniel Blake will multiply. It’s why I voted to Remain, even if I do not support the European Union as an economic organisation.”


We don’t doubt there were good reasons why socialists like Ken Loach and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn held their noses and voted Remain, but Ken didn’t give them here. We still love him, though, and he had some very interesting things to say about the (appalling, of course)  political situation in Britain. You can read the rest of the interview on the English language website of our friends at French left daily l’Humanité.