A letter from a socialist member of the British Labour Party to Labour’s Members of Parliament

This is a genuine letter which we publish anonymously because it speaks for tens of thousands of Labour Party members new and old.

“I was always a Labour supporter until the horror of the Iraq war and the treachery and Tory-esque policies of the Blairites prompted me to withdraw my support from the party. I was one of many millions who protested against the Iraq war, along with hundreds of my friends. The Labour Party leaders ignored us all. Disgusted, I went ahead and joined the Green Party instead, who although sadly lacking in certain left-wing policies, at least were crowdfunded, so immune to the corruption of corporate donations and pressure from powerful lobbyists.

“But then Jeremy Corbyn was elected as leader. Never has the Labour Party boasted such an honourable, honest, intelligent leader. His integrity and passion, clearly evidenced over his entire career puts every other potential leader to shame. This is the heart that the Labour Party needs. A heart that resonates with the hearts of the common people who the Labour party are supposed to represent.

“Those suggesting that Jeremy does not make a good 'head' of the party are on one level correct. But a head (leader) that is disconnected from its body (the members) is ultimately a corpse. Rigid, unbendable and grey. The last thing the left-wing people of this country want is another charismatic, fashionably suited corporate slave as leader. This would be the death of the Labour Party. Any claim to the contrary is typically upside down, short-sighted thinking from Jeremy's increasingly desperate, self-serving Blairite critics. What the Labour Party needs is a heart. It's from the heart that every decent, principled policy flows. And now, with Jeremy Corbyn, we finally have one.

“I've joined the Labour Party again because I believe in Jeremy's quiet, dignified, understated integrity. I and many others are tired of the snake-oil salesman types with their shiny faces and bland rhetoric, who bluster, spin, play unsavoury political power games and ultimately, line their own pockets and betray their constituents.

“I urge the PLP to reconsider their appalling and deeply unpopular coup against their much-loved, democratically elected leader and respect the wishes of the people who voted them into power. If they genuinely wish to pursue Tory policies, then may I humbly suggest with the greatest respect that they pop off and join the Tory Party.”