Migrant ‘crisis’


Lies and false statistics

We are all being lied to mightily in the mainstream press. We’re used to that, but the specifics are important. This time it’s about the number and origin of asylum seekers entering Germany – which is likely to apply to other countries as well. In 2015, we are told by a vast range of sources (The Independent, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg etc etc), that last year a million people applied for asylum in Germany. In fact, according to official sources, as reported by the excellent Real World Economics Blog< https://rwer.wordpress.com/> fewer than half of that did. Of these, almost as many came from ‘failed’ (for which read, destroyed by the EU, the US, NATO and imperialism in general) Balkan states: Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia and Monte Negro as came from war-torn areas of the Middle East. They were in most cases escaping chronic unemployment rather than direct violence, and will presumably therefore not be considered eligible for asylum. There’s a great deal more to this post than this – much of it deals with the treatment and position of women -  and if you read it, you’ll probably be surprised, but you’re unlikely to be disappointed, which goes for many RWEB postings.  Take a look  for yourself.