No surprises here: pro-TTIP think-tanks funded by corporate business


TTIP's most influential backers are supposedly neutral think tanks that publish papers, research and reports supporting the idea of TTIP as beneficial to Europeans and Americans. Yet three researchers from the Utrecht=based Platform of Authentic Journalism have published a detailed report on the hidden funding behind these think tanks, and the way that they are used to launder policy recommendations from governments and corporations to give them the legitimacy an "objective" endorsement. They've published their data-sets under open data licenses, and plugged them into a powerful visualization tool so you can verify their work yourself, and build on it. Their work was originally in Dutch, but is now available in English. Go to this website  and follow the links at the end of the introductory article to access it. But do check out the Platform too. Its work is very interesting and though much of it still appears to be available only in Dutch, we suspect that this will begin to change.