Public Meeting on Haiti for English-speakers in Paris

The American Graduate School (AGS) in Paris is to host a series of political discussions, the first of which will certainly be of interest to left activists. AGS spokeswoman Sarah Pedersen explained that  "AGS Political Talks are meant to be informal lectures on an array of political subjects while also providing the chance for questions/answers/discussion at the end of each talk."

The first AGS Political Talk will be held on Tuesday, March 16th at 18h30 in the AGS Classroom (R-VI) where Haitian national Patrick Clairzier, who teaches at the School, will be discussing the topic "Haiti: Beyond the Headlines".  Clairzier recently contributed an article to Spectrezine, co-authored with Joseph Boudreau, entitled "Neo-Liberal Democracy: A Contradiction in Terms"

Pedersen asks that any member of the public wishing to attend contact her  - - by Friday, March 12th at noon, as space is limited.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond...

New York City's Left Forum is approaching fast. To find out more, go to the Left forum website where you can now find a full schedule, comprising 700 speakers and 240 panels and events over three days. This is the largest Left Forum to date.