Revised EU asylum proposals are ‘lipstick on a pig’


"Taken as a whole, the amended proposals will not require Member States to raise their standards very much, in particular to the extent that raising those standards would cost money. If these Directives are adopted as proposed, the second phase of the Common European Asylum System would therefore look a lot like the first phase. There would be largely cosmetic changes to the current inadequate standards. To borrow President Obama’s phrase, this would be like ‘putting lipstick on a pig’. It remains to be seen whether the European Parliament and Member States consider it acceptable to have a ‘deal at any cost’, if that cost is the subsistence of asylum-seekers, children’s access to play, the privacy of detained families, and the basic physical safety of female asylum-seekers."
Read the rest of Professor Steve Peers’ analysis of the latest from the Euro-Security State The analysis was prepared for London-based NGO Statewatch.