Solidarity with Haiti: Tens of thousands of Haitians need our support

Each minute counts for thousands and thousands of Haitians, children, women and men, still buried under the debris. Each moment is valuable to relieve the sorrow of the families plunged into the grief and the pain of losing a loved-one. In this distressing race against time to save lives, it is welcome that states, international organisations and NGOs are heavily involved.

This is amply justified by the fact that this tragedy was considerably worsened by the fragile state of the country's infrastructure. Unfortunately no early warning system was in place to warn of the danger. One finds it difficult to imagine how the capital, Port-au-Prince , could fall into this destructive spiral of desolation so quickly. If this assessment seems so dramatic, it's because this country has been continually to be dominated and plundered by IMF austerity plans, since the fall of the violent dictatorship of the Duvaliers and their "tontons macoutes". Government corruption is rampant. Thousands of deaths and casualties could have been avoided if people had been able to benefit from immediate medical care and better living conditions, if building regulations had been in place and enforced.

This alarming tragedy comes on top of the daily drama for Haiti 's twelve million inhabitants, four- fifths of them surviving on less than two dollars a day.

Now is the time for massive active solidarity. There are and will be tens of thousands in need of medicines, basic equipment, food, and financial resources to rebuild.

Spectrezine warns that especially in the age of the Internet there are people who will attempt to  profit from this terrible tragedy. Thanks to reader Eric Scuster who sent us this link  to reliable organisations who can be trusted to use your money effectively.