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Review: The Twilight of Globalization: Property, State and Capitalism (Pluto Press, 128 pp.) by Boris Kagarlitsky

Kagarlitsky has written another book on an extremely complicated (if not confusing) topic in such a way that almost anyone not rendered unconscious by advanced study at a bourgeois think tank can

Kagarlitsky on Russia under Yeltsin and Putin

Boris Kagarlitsky Russia under Yeltsin and Putin (Pluto Press, 2002,) £16.99

Book Review

John Holloway Change the World Without Taking Power: The Meaning of Revolution Today (London, Pluto Press  2002)

Democratising Globalisation

Heikki Patomaki, Democratising Globalisation: The Leverage of the Tobin Tax (Zed Books, 2001) pape

Book Review

August 29, 2006 9:33 | by Steve McGiffen


John K.Cooley Unholy Wars: Afghanistan, America and International Terrorism ( Pluto, hardback, £20)

Review by Robert Myers

Howard Clark CIVIL RESISTANCE IN KOSOVA (2000, Pluto Press, ISBN 0 7453 1569 0, paperback UK£14.99, hardback UK£45.00)

The Next Stage of Capitalism

February 28, 2007 19:05 |by David Morris

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