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July 31, 2006 20:20 | Reviewed by Brian Precious

The Other Davos

March 19, 2005 19:42 | reviewed by Brian Precious

Francois Hotart and Francois Poulet (eds), The Other Davos (Zed Books, 2001, £12.95)

Rolling Back the Revolution

Ivan Molloy Rolling Back Revolution: the emergence of low-intensity conflict (Pluto Press, 2002, £18.99, $29.95)

Book Review

Some time ago Spectre published a review of an interesting book by Petras and Veltmeyer on the subject of globalisation, which the authors argued is no more t

Book Review

James & Kenneth Collier Votescam: The Stealing of America - available

Hungry for Trade

John Madeley Hungry for Trade: how the poor pay for free trade (Zed Books, £9.99, $17.50)

Book Review: Exodus from Empire

July 18, 2007 17:57 | reviewed by Brian Precious

Terrence E. Paupp, Exodus from Empire (London, Pluto Press, 2006) £25/$40/€37.50July 18, 2007 17:57

Book Review

April 16, 2007 15:04 | reviewed by Steve McGiffen

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