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The Political Economy of International Investments

Why Investment Matters: The Political Economy of International Investments (Co-publishers: Books, India; FERN, UK/Belgium; CRBM, Italy; and The Corner House, UK) By Kavaljit Singh

Red Reading: Spectrezine's latest picks from recent publications

EU: Commission warns member states not to change Constitution

Red Reading: Spectrezine's latest picks from recent publications

European Union
Public Services in Europe: From privatisation to participation

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EU: Fundamental rights, fundamental flaws: Human rights and the EU's "Area of Freedom, Security and Justice" - Statewatch this week published a damning critique of crucial EU proposals on suspects'

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Socialism & Democracy - Latest issue of this accessible, intelligent North American theoretical magazine is unthemed and therefore features a wide range of articles: Aasim Sajjad Akhtar on

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EU climate change breakthrough?

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March issue of Liberation honours International Women's Day – the 8th of the month, in case you've been living in an all-male religious community for the past century, or otherwise don't get out much

Human Rights Watch, Palestine Wall Protest, TIRANNT and Venezuela's Revolution

Edward S. Herman, David Peterson, and George Szamuely, “Human Rights Watch in Service to the War Party” was published by ZNet on February 25, 200

Red Reading: Spectrezine’s latest picks from recent publications

DUTCH SOCIALISTS ON EU: Europe's most successful EU-critical left party, the Socialist Party of the Netherlands, has recently published a major statement on Europe. "European cooperation ha

New US organisation focuses on need to change foreign policy

Mark Weisbrot contacted spectrezine to say: We would like to introduce you to a new organization - Just Foreign Policy - that aims to change the United States and the world by changing US foreign poli

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