Globalisation can seriously damage your health


  Larry Causey of Baton Rouge, Louisiana got himself arrested to get medical treatment.

EU accession: The Only Game in Town?


In the wake of Nice, Michael Hindley takes a look at the EU's plans for eastward expansion.

Bigger and Badder?


Michael Hindley looks at EU enlargement


The resistible rise of anglo-saxon capitalism


Michael Hindley was a British Labour Member of the European Parliament until the last elections.

Can’t live, with or without the USA.


Michael Hindley argues for a closer dialogue between European progressives and the American left.

War on the World

The United States Project for Global Hegemony


Negroponte: Nominee for Baghdad US Embassy, a Rogue for all Seasons

Torture in Iraq

Torture Incorporated, Oliver North Joins the Party

by John Stanton and Wayne Madsen

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