PDS Election Result


The German Party of Democratic Socialism(PDS) had a disappointing election.

On the New Wave of Social Protest in Germany


On the new wave of social protest in Germany

Germany’s Party of Democratic Socialists explains why thousands of the Bundesrepublik’s citizens are taking to the streets.

Nuke Nation


Putting Profits Before Safety

Fidel Castro: "The World we Dream is Possible"


Ex-President of the US Jimmy Carter has just visited Cuba, the most prominent American citizen to do so since the Revolution.

Victory Against Modern Day Slavery in the Florida Fields


It’s 140 years since the Emancipation Proclamation, but slavery is alive and well in America’s South. Florida farmworkers are fighting back.

The Brown - Blair Duel


After Andrew Rawnsley of the Observer, Phillip Stephens of the Financial Times is my favourite right-wing political commentat

El Salvador


Crucial Elections won by the right...with a little bit of help from Reich and Noriega - by Frank Kendrick

Killer States: In the Land of the Free Judicial Murder is Commonplace


The United States of America is the last industrialised country to employ the death penalty.  Though its continuation enjoys majority s

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