Stopover at Miami


30 hours of humiliating and arbitrary treatment

by Paul Emile Dupret

Breaking the Chains


May 22, 2008 12:45 | by Nick Dearden

Ten years after landmark anti-debt protests at the G8, Nick Dearden explains why the fight must go on.

On Cuban Independence


Cubans who know their history could have told Iraqis what the US means by “libe

Haiti - Finite Justice


On the tenth anniversary of the military coup in Haiti, as an international 'war on terrorism' is declared, the Haiti Support Group is repeating its calls for th

Far From Over: Mumia Needs us now more than ever Before


Last week we reported the fine Christmas news that a US judge had ruled that Mumia Abu-Jamal was entitled to a resentencing.

'Miami Five' Retrial Demand


British MPS call on US government to support motion for retrial of "Miami Five" - Mark Donne, Campaigns Officer

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