Vote JCP on November 9


Japanese Communists offer anti-war, pro-people alternative in this weekend’s election


The Koizumi government of Japan and its would-be twin same-policy "opponent", the merged Democratic-Liberal party, both obeying the Bush administration's demand to join Bush's war to rule the world, face determined opposition in Japan's general election this coming Sunday, November 9.  John Manning reports.


Their powerful opponent, fighting to defend Japan's Peace Constitution and  to change to a people-centred policy, is the Japanese Communist Party (JCP).   The JCP which, alone among  major communist parties,  learned the futility of the Soviet authoritarian model long before it collapsed, insisting on the democratic road, has long since won the leadership of Japan's democratic forces, and confidently works for  peace and socialism.  For this reason you will not see it mentioned in our so-democratic press.


It faces a very uphill fight on Sunday, however, since it is the only party opposing joining Bush's war and so  faces the media and all other parties plus the United States, since it must call for the ending of the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty, on the excuse of which Japan is being pressured by Bush and company to return to the past militarism which led it to near-total destruction.


However, as an organized body, now numbering millions, the JCP and its friends, working on an open policy, presenting a clear alternative,  has established itself and grown for over 40 years. However the election goes,  it will not go away.


Here below is the program on which they are fighting the election.   Read it and see if you don't think there are things in it we could use!



Campaigning for the House of Representatives general election officially started on October 28. The Japanese Communist Party Central Committee published the following appeal calling on the people to vote for the JCP in the general election of the House of Representatives announced that day.


The general election has been announced. Japan's course for the 21st century hinges on the outcome of this election. The Japanese Communist Party campaigns for a change away from Liberal Democratic Party politics.


First, the JCP proposes an end to politics in the interests of business circles and the establishment of policies in the interest of people's livelihoods.


The way tax money is used must be changed to one of giving priority to social services. Over 10 trillion yen will be secured without imposing extra burdens on the people if only the snowballing wasteful public works budgets and the military budget are reduced. This fund will be used for pensions, medical and nursing care services, and to set up a reliable and comprehensive social services system.


Japan is under the control of business circles, with corporate restructuring, overtime work without pay, and long hours of work. Instead of curbing such outrageous practices, LDP politics has encouraged them. The JCP aims at building an economy in which large corporations are asked to fulfil their corporate social responsibility.


The Japan Business Federation (Nippon Keidanren) and other business organizations in chorus are calling for a large consumption tax rate increase. The Liberal Democratic Party and the Democratic Party of Japan in their election platforms promise to increase the consumption tax rate if they take power. The JCP proposes cuts in wasteful expenditure and a reform to ask large corporations and high income earners to shoulder their due burdens. Reliable social services will be made possible without financially depending on the consumption tax. To all who are opposed to a higher consumption tax rate, a vote for the JCP is the answer.


Second, the JCP proposes that politics of subordination to the United States should be ended in order to have a truly independent and peaceful Japan abiding by the Constitution.


The Koizumi Cabinet showed no hesitation in supporting the lawless war against Iraq. It goes further by making a promise to send the Self-Defence Forces and contribute money to maintain the occupation of Iraq by the U.S. and British forces. Throwing away the pride and responsibility of a sovereign state, the Japanese government is prepared to follow the United States in carrying out further lawless acts. The JCP is opposed to sending the SDF to Iraq and paying for the occupation of Iraq. Japan's foreign policy, in complete subordination to the United States, needs to be fundamentally changed. The JCP proposes that the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty, the underlying cause of Japan's subordination, be abolished to create a truly independent and peaceful Japan.


Very dangerous moves have appeared concerning the Constitution. The LDP election platform states that the party in 2005 will mark a major step toward a constitutional revision. This is the first time since the end of World War II that a ruling party has proposed a constitutional revision with a set timetable. The Democratic Party of Japan in its manifesto also proposed enacting a new constitution through further discussions. These moves are clearly aimed at removing the war- and military forces-renouncing Article 9 of the Constitution. Clearly, these parties have succumbed to the U.S. pressure that Japan should take part in U.S. wars.


The JCP is resolved to safeguard Article 9. It will implement peace and democratic clauses of the Constitution in all fields related to politics, the economy, diplomacy, and society. Let the constitutional principles of peace and democracy guide Japan.


Japan's mass media feature this election as if it were a "choice of political power" and a "manifesto election." However, a glance at reality tells us that there is no LDP-DPJ "showdown," especially with regard to issues of the consumption tax increase and a constitutional revision. They are only competing to further aggravate Japan's politics in differing degrees.


Behind this show is a major strategy of business circles, including Nippon Keidanren and the Japan Association of Corporate Executives (Keizai Doyukai). These business circles are vigorously calling for a mass consumption tax increase and a constitutional revision together with the U.S. government. With its arbitrary call for a "consumption tax increase and corporate tax cuts," Nippon Keidanren claims that it will arrange monetary donations to any party that accepts its call. Both the LDP and the DPJ are in a race to favourably respond to this lure. How can it be allowed for business circles to buy politicians? No parties fed by business circles can work in defence of public interests.


Also, the DPJ proposes that 80 out of the 180 proportional representation seats in the House of Representatives be cut. This call came from business circles demanding that the proportional representation system, which is the best way to represent public opinion in the Diet, be abolished in the future, and a "two-party system" be established based on the "single-seat constituency" system alone. This is an arbitrary attempt to eliminate political parties standing against business circles from the Diet, which is unacceptable.


Japan needs a genuine opposition party that squarely confronts undemocratic politics. If an opposition which, fully jumping at the offer of "coming to power", throws away its responsibility as an opposition party, it will never be able to safeguard people's interests.


Business circles aren't the key players of politics; every citizen is. The JCP has been calling for challenging two evils of politics; subservience to business circles and to the United States, and remake Japan into a nation where the "people are the key players". A major advance of the JCP will ensure a bright perspective for Japan in the 21st century.


Support the JCP so that it may work to achieve this end. Write "the Japanese Communist Party" on your ballots for the proportional representation election. Put a name of JCP candidate down in each of the 300 single-seat constituencies. Let's achieve a major JCP advance in the general election!