Who is Responsible?


Hamsa Mohammed poses some pertinent questions to her country's "liberators".

In our daily lives, are we seeing and reading the truth? We have to dive beneath surface appearances that are presented to us. When the American and British armies entered Iraq, they called themselves liberators. They said they came to liberate Iraqis from an oppressive, murderous government, and to prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction. Did these “liberators” cross all the continents to arrive in Iraq simply for the safety of the Iraqi people? Who will cover the costs of these noble volunteers?

And, while we are on the subject – may I ask where exactly is Saddam and his world-threatening weapons today?

I want facts. After 12 years of embargo, preventing anything from entering Iraq without United Nations authorization, no one has found any weapons of mass destruction. After 8 years of weapons inspections, with all their modern techniques, from 1991 to 1998, no one has found any weapons of mass destruction. In these last months of renewed international inspections, and renewed Anglo-American war-making, no one has found any weapons of mass destruction. Can we conclude that the fact is there are no weapons of mass destruction? Or maybe Saddam’s storing them in the White House beneath Bush’s bed?

Saddam Hussein was not Iraq. It doesn’t make sense to punish 24 million people, make them suffer from hunger, illness and death, because of one person and his imaginary weapons. It is illegal and inhumane to murder an entire nation based on suspicions. Who is responsible for all the deaths from the sanctions? If suspicions were enough to punish Iraq, then when is the very real evidence of Israel’s weapons of mass destruction going to be enough to punish Israel? Justice should be evenly applied. Anything else is the judgement of the strong on the weak. It is the law of the jungle.

The end to both Saddam and the sanctions is a dream that most Iraqis have been eagerly awaiting. Iraq is rich with its fortunes, and rich with a civilization going back thousands of years. We can rebuild our country by ourselves. But now, we have a new Saddam, the Americans. And now, we have a new sanctions regime – the Americans have put their hands on every piece of paper that leads to every, single drop of Iraq’s oil. We still cannot control our own future.

They say they are here to bring back freedom back to Iraqis, but the first hand is the hand of Steve Bremer, Jay Garner, our new rulers, and Phillip Caroll, appointed as the man responsible for Iraqi oil. I’m just wondering, is Phillip Caroll an Iraqi name?

Who is responsible for these appointments? And who is responsible for the distribution of all the contracts to American companies for “rebuilding” Iraq? Are Iraqis responsible? Or Americans? Or Americans wearing Iraqi clothes (such as Ahmed Chalabi)?

The American soldiers say their task is to keep us safe, and provide security for civilians. But the looting and crimes continue to this day. And what about the massacres in Mosul and Falluja, and elsewhere? Dozens have been killed. What about Al-Zafarania accident? At least nine innocent people lost their lives because of this accident. What about the “controlled explosions” of weapons the Americans are blowing up all over town, frightening people every day? Are these explosions really controlled? Go to the Adhamia and judge by yourselves. Three houses were destroyed because of such explosions and many persons as well were wounded.

Who is the responsible? Who will take responsibility for these disasters?

What Iraq needs now is a government, representative of Iraqis – not Americans – which will organize, and keep security, and take responsibility for all that Iraq suffers from.


Hamsa Mohammed is a 22 year old Iraqi college student at Baghdad University and captain of the women’s volleyball team. She hopes to be a writer. (This is Ms Mohammed's own self-description. Spectre has not seen her play volleyball, but in our opinion she is already very much a writer.)


Iraq now has its own Indy  media site. This article first appeared there at http://www.almuajaha.com/newswire/display/25/index.php