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8th February, 2002 - EU Common Agricultural Policy up for review; US Greens' misguided call; Israeli Refuseniks stand up to be counted
1st February, 2002 - French prepare powerful eye in the sky; Mussolini Returns; Environmentalists not impressed by Earth Summit plans
25th January, 2002 - European democracy: federalists moving in for the kill
18th January, 2002 - Eu's "war on Terrorism": all refugees and asylum seekers to be vetted;Peace campaigner to stay in Scotlland: EP tries to strengthen toothless environmental programme; Mark Barnsley campaign
11th January, 2002 - EU widens scope of terrorism definition; Euro MPs in group attacked by Israeli military;Peace activist fined for Scottish convoy action; Mumia: fight for justice continues
4th January, 2002 - Euro arrives;Via Campesina proposes reform of CAP; Coffee producers livelyhood threatened by GM beans;

Nuclear power: expensive, dangerous, unecessary
8th December, 2001 - EU steps up surveillance of activists; Israeli and British anti-war groups share peace prize; Osama and Dubya: the forbidden truth.
30th November, 2001 - EU environmentalist lobby calls for taxes on energy; US Congress members fight Bush assault on Constitution; Northern Alliance "waged brutal war against women"
23rd November, 2001 - EU "serves interests of big tobacco"; Leader of United Left runs for EP presidency; 100,000 in anti-war demonstration, London; Afghan workers solidarity group launched.
16th November, 2001 - Euro-zone tightens screws on public ownership; WTO launches second front in war on the poor; Anti-war demo in Rome; WTC site dangerously toxic
9th November, 2001 - Anti-war M.P. wins award; Trade liberalisation makes kids sick; Victory for the Charleston 5; Iranian and Turkish terrorism produces deafening silence from West.
4th November, 2001 - EU fails to ratify environmental convention; Sixty million below poverty line in EU statesp; Mexican human rights lawyer murdered; Afghan crisis
27th October, 2001 - Environmentalists express fears over EU enlargement; Huge Gains for PDS in Berlin Elections; War and Peace News
19th October, 2001 - Former US Surgeon General: “Cuba is better.” ; Environmentalists investigate El Salvador’s “Human-Triggered Disasters”
12th October, 2001 - Transatlantic Business Dialogue Cancelled; EU Plans Constitutional Convention; Democracy or Carbocracy; Solidarity With Turkish Prisoners; War News
5th October, 2001 - Editorial: EU Arrest Warrant Another Blow to Freedom
28th September, 2001 - WTC Analysis; Danish Right calls for end to country’s opt-outs from EU “justice” and militarisation plans ; Pakistani Women Rally for Peace; Professors for Peace
21st September, 2001 - Casualties of Terror; German Left Condemns NATO Decision; European Parliament Targetted?; Japanese Communists Lead Fight Against "Restructuring” ; Left Socialists Double Vote in Norwegian Election
14th September, 2001- The WTC Attack - Left Condemns attack; Editorial Response
7th June, 2001 - Turkish Army Joins EU; Advance for Left in Cypriot Elections; Kissinger on the Run ; Star Wars: Alive and Well Behind Democrats’ Smokescreen
31st May, 2001 - Campaign for a “No” vote in Ireland’s coming referendum on the Nice Treaty; Europol Warns European Banks and Businesses of New Currency Crime Wave ; Activists Declare Victory As World Bank Cancels Barcelona Meeting
19 May, 2001 - International Demonstration Against M&S Closures; Greek Strike Aims Blow At Attempts to Destroy Pension System; French Communist Daily Attracts Private Investors
12 May, 2001 - EU Budget Tops 100 Billion Euros; Blair Calls UK Election; Movement to Ban Asbestos; Welsh GM Crop Trials Halted
5 May, 2001 - UK Foot and Mouth Crisis; Irish Workers’ Party Launches Anti-Privatisation Campaign ; Trotskyist Euro-MP Almost Joins List of Banned EU Exports ; May 4-11 2001: Honolulu ADB Actions; Alaska Pipeline ;
28 April, 2001 - Uk Labour Party Attempts to Sabotage May Day Rally; US Greens Sign on to Oil Company Boycott; Texas Senators Call for Death Penalty Moratorium
21st April 2001 - Socialist Party, USA, Statement on WTAA; Solidarity With Iranian Workers; ATTAC Update; Boarders Tighten for Quebec Summit
14th April 2001 - Via Campesina; EU and West African Fishing; Bush Administration and Human Rights; Journals Review
7th April, 2001 - Pakistani Socialist Leader Released; Genoa Social Forum; International Cuba Soldarity Congress; Journals Review

31st March, 2001 - US Policy Reversal on Climate Change; Canadian Security Operation Violates Human Rights; West African Nations in Bid to Preserve Marine Life

23rd, March, 2001 - Solidarity with Workers at Daewoo Motors; Campaign to Save Arctic National Wildlife; Trial Against Russian Environmentalist Starts; European Parliament's United Left Hosts Seminar on Opennes in Public Administration

17th, March, 2001 - The Tobin Tax; Australia's Democratic Socialist Party; Iraq and Sanctions, Campsfield Immigrant Detention Centre Protest