European Parliament: MEPs support stringent labelling for GM foods

5th July, 2002

The European Parliament this week headed off a determined attempt by agricultural biotechnology corporations to wreck plans to introduce comprehensive labelling requirements for foods produced from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Instead, MEPs voted to strengthen European Commission proposals establishing an EU-wide system to trace and label GMOs and to regulate the placing on the market and labelling of food and feed products derived from GMOs. The legislative package will require the traceability of GMOs throughout the chain from farm to table and provide consumers with information by labelling all food and feed consisting of, containing or produced from a GMO, whether or not transgenic DNA or protein is present in the final product. Parliament also voted to reduce the threshold for accidental contamination of non-GM products from 1% to 0.5%, though the Commission has said it will resist this change.  READ MORE…..