Whose Russian revolution?



Neil Faulkner, author of A People’s History of the Russian Revolution , published by Pluto to mark the centenary of the event, has written an interesting blog outlining his aims, which might be summed up as ‘myth-busting’:


“The gap between the organised Left and street protest grows ever wider. This is manifest in the failure to connect the discourse around the centenary of the Russian Revolution – an icon and bastion of the Old Left – with the recent Women’s March and Stomp Trump Protests – a lure for young newcomers, fresh to the struggle.


“One of the main reasons (for) this failure to connect one popular struggle with another is the way in which the Russian Revolution – the most misunderstood event in modern history – has long been caricatured. Essentially, it is conceived as the work of a brilliant leader (Lenin), an underground party (the Bolsheviks), and a carefully managed, military-style coup (the October Insurrection). In my book,  I seek to disprove this: arguing that the Russian Revolution was, above all, an explosion of mass democracy and self-activity from below.”


Read the rest of Faulkner’s essay on Pluto’s website